Nowadays, drones are no longer new to the young and become a part of their life, especially to someone who love traveling and taking photos. One of the best useful drones when go anywhere is Dji Mavic Pro.

This Dji drone has a small design with more technology to support people to takes photo but its price is not too high.

Mavic Pro DJI costs $ 999 with the controller, have a range up to 7 km, the highest speed of 65 km / h and more flexible use modes

1.Dji Mavic Pro has fast speed

Dji Mavic Pro can fly with the speed of a motorbike

 dji mavic pro

DJI drone has just introduced a new version of the line named Mavic Pro RC drone. And this is one of the best drones for sale as well as receives the most drone reviews in 2016. The most notable point of the DJI Mavic Pro is that it can operate with the range up to 4.3 miles (7 km) – which is unheard in the ordinary drone market. This is the drone DJI which has the fastest speed. In Sports mode, it can fly at a speed of 65 km / h.


  1. Dji Mavic Pro’s security and flight

dji mavic pro

It can keep the same height with the ground

Dji Mavic Pro can fly in, fly parallelly or in orbit around a certain object – human, animal or car … It also owns a system called Terrain Following, which allow it to remain height with the ground when flying to anywhere.

3.Funtion of Mavic Pro

dji mavic pro

This Dji drone has different funtions

About recording and capturing capabilities, Mavic Pro has 4K camera worldwide standards, use 3-axis stabilization mechanism. It allows the users to record video at 4K resolution at 30 frames / sec.

It also has the Tripod mode, which allows to reduce the speed of the drone to capture the most perfect pictures.


  1. Mavic Pro has easy controler

dji mavic pro controller

You can control Dji Mavic Pro by simple gestures

Users can order it by waving or shooting when the camera is looking forward to his position.

5.Ability of editation

dji mavic pro

Mavic Pro has the easy edit system

After taking a picture or recording a video, the user can edit the content easier by using DJI Go Editor. This image processor also has the feature of sharing instantly to popular social networks.

This device possesses 5 sensors, which has the time flying of about 27 minutes. This machine has a small pin, which is easy to replace, able to connect with the internet connection, capable of warning you about flying into restricted areas.

This new Dji drone also owns FlightAutomony technology that allows it to see the obstacles from a distance of 15 m, thus it can avoid obstacles even when flying at a speed of 35 km /h.

This Dji Mavic Pro is the best useful when go anywhere. It becomes more and more popular among the young generation. Because it  is not only small but also very fast, which is really suitable for whom they like travelling and taking photos.

Are you interesting about this DJI MAVIC PRO ? You can know more about informations, features and price of it, please check on another advance blog about Drone here :


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